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Help – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to create a new website?

We aim to complete all projects in 30 – 90 days, but the timeline of a new website entirely depends on the size of the project.

What platform is my website built on?

We currently build all of our websites on the world’s most popular CMS – WordPress. This gives us extremely powerful customization and security while providing an easy to learn interface for your team to add new content.

Can you build my site using any WordPress theme I want?

While we can build your website using any theme of your choosing, we strongly recommend using the theme Divi by Elegant Themes. We try to build all of our sites using Divi because, in short, it’s just that good! (and no – we have ZERO affiliations with them!)

What happens after my new website launches?

Once we migrate your new website to your hosting servers, your site will be live for the world to view! At this point, our project has concluded. However, we do offer on-going maintenance & growth plans. To learn more, head on over to our plans page!

Do you provide hosting?

No, we don’t directly provide hosting. However, we can completely manage your hosting account for you with any one of our on-going plans. This ensures you get the best hosting while letting us focus on what we do best – making awesome websites.

What do you take care of?

We fully design and build your website – resulting in a beautiful & responsive site that looks great on all modern browsers. However, this does NOT include creating the text, images, logo, and other things of that nature. With that being said, we’d be more than happy to help point you in the right direction for anything we don’t provide. 

What happens if I don't like the result?

Well, we haven’t had that happen yet! We involve you in the process from beginning to end to make sure that we’re always staying true to your business & vision. We include 2 rounds of revisions after the initial site design to correct anything that you aren’t fully satisfied with.

How much does it cost?

The price of the website entirely depends on the scale of the project and will require the knowledge of your requirements. The largest factors in determining the price are – Number of Pages, Functionality, Template-Based vs Fully Custom-Designed, and whether or not the site will have eCommerce. Feel free to reach out to us with your project requirements and we can provide you with a rough estimate!

What is the payment schedule?

For website design projects, we expect a minimum downpayment of 50%, with the remainder of the balance due after the site has been finished, but before launch.

Will my new website be successful?

A website is a digital storefront, but it doesn’t mean anything if no one is walking in! There’s a whole lot of work that goes into making a website successful, and while its design, speed, and usability are INCREDIBLY important, it is only one of many factors.